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Platform 7 3/8ths

Having entered the door to Platform 7 3/8ths you find yourselves trapped in the depths of Chester Station. With walls over a foot thick you will have to have your wits about you as you find the clues, solve the puzzles and meet the physical challenges (no heavy lifting) to make good your escape to freedom and with only one hour before the Transport Police change shifts – the clock is ticking!

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It’s another lively night out in Chester for you and a group of your friends when it slowly dawns on you that one of your party is missing! Walking the rows calling their name you find them trapped in the cloakroom of the club you just left – caught napping as the last security guard vacated the building! You now have one hour to aid in their escape before the time delay alarm is set off and all hell breaks loose.

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Safe Haven

You are together with a group of friends when you hear the alarm sound for an impending gas attack. Terrorists are about to release the deadly nerve agent Sarin onto the general population of Chester. To survive you all seek refuge in the “Safe Room” and similar to Ms Altman Panic room, there are a few holes to plug before you can safely breathe and just one hour before the gas fills the room.

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Always book early to avoid disappointment.

This booking is live and therefore No cancellations, transfers or refunds can be issued or accepted.

Participants under 16 must be accompanied by at least one adult over the age of 18.

Due to the potential consequences to other Gamers late arrivals may have their game shortened or if they arrive more than 20 minutes late will have their game cancelled without refund.

Roomers should attempt to arrive 5 minutes prior to their allotted time.

The use of mobile phones or cameras in the rooms is not allowed, anybody attempting to use any form of recording device will have their game stopped. If for any reason we have to cancel a game, we will contact you with as much notice as is possible but cannot be held responsible for any costs other than that of booking with us. 

All players are required to comply with all rules regarding games, safety, fire etc, whether written or oral and failure to do so will immediately end the game. Anybody arriving under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol will be asked to leave immediately. 

Please contact us at if you have any particular requests or concerns.

Advance bookings only!


The origins of Rooms Quest can be traced back many years to what is believed to be the first escape the room app – ‘Takagism’, coupled with aspects of the Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard and more latterly the Cube to combine together for a fun filled hour of pleasure. No more being a couch potato for you! You will need to work as a team to solve all of the puzzles, conundrums and challenges as you attempt to escape, or with a unique twist to trap yourselves in the Safe Haven.

This is an event that is enjoyed by groups of friends, family, work, stag & hen parties and is also fantastic team building exercise for our corporate clients.

We are located in the East Wing of Chester Station. When facing the station, its the green door to the right of the station entrance.

Station Road, 1-4 East Wing, Chester Station,Chester CH1 3DR



Teams of 3 to 5


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60 Mins to Escape


Family & Friends


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We are located in the East Wing of Chester Station.
When facing the station, its the green door to the right of
the station entrance and opposite the Best Western Hotel.
Station Road
, 1- 4 East Wing, Chester Station,Chester CH1 3DR